OMWS History


A founder member of the Calverton Preservation Society, Mr Ian McLeish, was appointed librarian at Mansfield Woodhouse Library. In July 1970 he received a policy directive, part of which dealt with setting up a local collection.

He realised that there were many buildings of architectural interest in Mansfield Woodhouse and decided to call a meeting in the hope that a group would be formed to look into matters of importance regarding future development and the preservation of historical buildings.

A date was arranged for Thursday 3rd September 1970 and the venue was Mansfield Woodhouse Library. About 20 people attended and Mrs E. Cupitt, of the Calverton Preservation Society, gave advice on forming such a society at Mansfield Woodhouse.

Officers elected were: Chairman – Mr G. H. Parmenter; secretary – Mrs J. Anderson; treasurer – Mr Saunders; committee – Mr Tunnicliffe, Mr Reddish, Mrs North and Mrs Sansom.

The first committee meeting at the home of Mr Parmenter on Rose Lane was on Thursday 24th September 1970 and it was there that the original name, The Old Mansfield Woodhouse Society, was chosen. The first official meeting of the Society was on Thursday 1st October at Mansfield Woodhouse Library and by the December there were 48 members on the books.

The Society is concerned with the heritage of Mansfield Woodhouse, and aims to promote studies and activities on all aspects of the place, from the past, to the present and into the future.


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