Programme 2020

27 January
LACE SLUMS & THE OCCASIONAL RIOT by Chris Weir. How Nottingham changed from Defoe’s most pleasant town of England to a major industrial city.  The history of its lace trade, poverty, riots and crime.
24 February
NOTTINGHAM THEATRES by local Journalist Andy Smart. The History of Nottingham’s theatres dates backs over 150 years.  Hear stories about stars, scandals, ghosts & gremlins from the stage, behind scenes.  Fascinating facts/photos.
30 March
THE SKY’S THE LIMIT!  by Mike Ogden. A (more or less) affectionate history of the skyscraper.  An entertaining lay person’s guide to the remarkable story of a building form that has transformed the way the world looks and works.
27 April
ILLUSTRATED PRESENTATION by Ann Sewell OMWS archivist, Ann, presents photos of Old Woodhouse.
May/June UPLANDS WALLED GARDEN & BBQ/DRINKS (Pleasley Vale Residents’ Associatin) Enjoy good food in the beautiful, restored Victorian walled garden.  Discover the rose arches, pond, orchard, grapevines, flower & veg beds, herb garden.
Monday, 29 June THE PENTRICH REBELLION by Michael Parkin. Why did 400 men march on London from central Derbyshire to overthrow the government?  Who was the spy William Oliver?  The story of the Pentrich uprising of June 1817.
27 July
WHY DID THEY ALL COME FROM HERE? by Adrian Grey. How did a handful of men and women from Notts & Lincs create the puritan movement and form the famous Mayflower Congregation?  2020 is the 400th anniversary of the sailing of the Mayflower.
August To be confirmed SOCIETY DAY OUT Heckington Windmill and Woodthorpe Maze & Garden Centre
28 September
ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING Presentation by Ann Sewell, archivist – topics about Old Woodhouse.
26 October
OMWS 50TH ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATORY EVENING Mystery photo quiz of Mansfield Woodhouse by Peter Lyons with buffet/refreshments
30  November
THEIR NAMES SHALL LIVE ON by Andy Smart. Moving stories of unsung heroism from our nation’s conflicts.
7 December
FESTIVE FAITH SUPPER An enjoyable get together sharing food/refreshments at the Stable Centre.
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